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Post by Leone19 on Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:33 pm

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire types of B Daman are designed to be easy to fire and easy to reload. The basic idea is to get off as many shots as possible, greatly increasing your chances of hitting a target by firing with one hand and reloading with the other. Rapid Fire types are generally fairly small with a large magazine being one of the most prominent features. They are also designed to be easy to move so you can fire multiple shots at multiple angles. This will also increase your chance of hitting something.


Generally, for Rapid Fire, you want a lightweight head, arms, and legs so it can be moved easily, though you also want something that can fit comfortably in one hand so you can fire with a single hand. This will allow you to load with one hand and fire with another. Also, the lightweight will make it a bit more controllable.

Another factor to take into account is the weight on the back of the B-Daman. Rapid Fire types will often require one hand to be constantly reloading, meaning that the player has less of a grip on the B-Daman itself. This, added with the weight of the magazine, can lead to the B-Daman being unstable and possibly tipping over. Therefore, it is a good idea to have either stabilizers or leg parts with back support.

When choosing a core for Rapid Fire, you will want one that does not put too much force on the marbles as they are fired. This will allow for a smooth and quick shot. A core that puts a lot of pressure on the marble will result in a stronger shot, but it will also slow down the overall shots per second, resulting in a loss of the Rapid Fire type's trump card: speed.

For Rapid Fire, you also don't want a barrel extension, as this will slow down the marbles and might result in a jam. You will want a large magazine to carry multiple marbles, but try to avoid ones that jam when marbles are going through them too quickly. Since speed is the goal here, you want to be able to fire as quickly as you can push the trigger. A jamming magazine will ruin your chance of winning.


In general strategy, Rapid Fire types are the best to use against Power types as they can aim at multiple targets at nearly the same time. Power types will only be able to stop one marble's effect from happening, which is ineffective against multiple marbles. When using Rapid Fire, it is best to be cautious of Control types as they will be able to fire much more accurately than a Rapid Fire type, and therefore be able to stop Rapid Fire's ability.


Rapid Fire types are good for players that are not good at firing accurately. The best attachment for a Rapid Fire type is a magazine that does not jam easily. The best cores are those that allow for a smooth and easy shot. By sacrificing power and precision, you gain speed. The best design for a Rapid Fire type is one that allows for one had to hold and one hand to reload, while having good back support.

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