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Post by Leone19 on Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:29 pm

Type: Rapid-Fire
Body: Dravise 2
Core: Sonic

Body Set:

Head: Dravise 2
The head of Dravise 2 looks like it's predecessor's, Rev=Dravise, except has more detail and design. It's also slimmer and taller. The horn on top of it's head can be pressed down to go into Sonic Mode.

Sonic Mode:
Sonic Mode is when the horn of Dravise 2 head is pressed down. It gives Dravise more precise, rapid fire shooting.

Emblem Part:
The ruby-red, diamond-shaped emblem represents a dragon symbol.

Arms: Dravise Arm 2
An upgraded part of Rev=Dravise, Sonics are more spiked and curved. It has two small holes that fit Sonic=Dravise's Emblem Parts.
The arms have blue stickers.

Legs: B-Dama Legs
The B-Dama legs represent an upgraded part of Rev=Dravise. They're bulkier and larger than before which is because it can fit one B-Dama in each leg. It also gives it better mobility than it's predecessor's.
They also have blue stickers.

Core: Sonic 8/10
The Sonic core is grey, it has two spherical rollers that smoothen out firing.

Sonic=Dravise is a greatly improved/upgraded version of Rev=Dravise. With it's top-tier parts for rapid fire, the best Rapid-Fire type out there. It's also good with the Tornado Magazine and Cyclone Magazine. It's a must have for all B-Daman players.

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