List of B-Daman [Check here before posting a draft!]

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List of B-Daman [Check here before posting a draft!] Empty List of B-Daman [Check here before posting a draft!]

Post by Ultramarine on Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:55 pm

I have gathered a list of all the B-Daman products released in Cross Fight and eS.
Strike-through: This product has an approved article.
Underline: This product has a draft.

CB-01 Accele=Dracyan
CB-02 One-Sided=Sharks
CB-03 Tune-Up Gear- Metal Accele
CB-04 Accele=Dracyan DX Set
CB-05 Official Field Set
CB-06 Steer=Eagle
CB-07 Tune-Up Gear- Core Random Booster Vol. 1
CB-08 Rev=Dravise
CB-09 Tune-Up Gear- Metal Rev Core
CB-10 Tune-Up Gear- Tornado Magazine
CB-11 Rev=Dravise Super Burst Set
CB-12 Torque=Bearga
CB-13 Tune-Up Gear - Stabilizer
CB-14 Roll=Sasword
CB-15 Stroke=Orochi
CB-16 Tune-Up Gear- Wide Magazine
CB-17 Tune-Up Gear- Straight Barrel
CB-18 Tune-Up Gear- Power Mantle
CB-19 Tune-Up Gear- Rubber Seal
CB-20 Triple Fighting Field
CB-21 Official B-Dama
CB-22 Official Target 2
CB-23 Super Custom Set
CB-24 Spin=Leohjya
CB-25 Tune-Up Gear- Grip Arm
CB-26 Force=Dragren
CB-27 Tune-Up Gear- Metal Force Core
CB-28 Long Bridge
CB-29 Random Starter 2012
CB-30 Tune-Up Gear- Lock-On Barrel
CB-31 Break Bomber Battle Set
CB-32 Round=Tigare
CB-33 Tune-Up Gear- Quick Loader
CB-34 Tune-Up Gear- Core Random Booster Plus
CB-35 Twin=Drazeros
CB-36 Tune-Up Gear- Heavy Twin Core
CB-37 Tune-Up Gear- Twin Magazine
CB-38 Drift=Jacker
CB-39 Tune-Up Gear- Grip Barrel
CB-40 Twin=Drazeros SP Set
CB-41 Burst=Bison
CB-42 Tune-Up Gear- System Magazine
CB-43 Smash=Dragold
CB-44 Tune-Up Gear- Heavy Smash Core
CB-45 Smash=Dragold Fighting Set
CB-46 Tune-Up Gear- Power Grip
CB-47 Loading=Diles
CB-48 Tune-Up Gear - Direct Loader Magazine
CB-49 Super Dragon Double Set
CB-50 Drive=Garuburn
CB-51 Sonic=Dravise
CB-52 Slot=Beedle
CB-53 Tune-Up Gear- Convert Barrel
CB-54 Tune-Up Gear- Cyclone Magazine
CB-55 Official Target 3
CB-56 DX Break Bomber 7
CB-57 Gunlock=Wolg
CB-58 Version-Up Part- Cannon Arm
CB-59 Tune-Up Gear- Body Random Booster Vol. 1
CB-60 Garuburn Version-Up DX Set
CB-61 Kreis=Raydra
CB-62 Version-Up Part- Buster Leg
CB-63 Tune-Up Gear - Magazine Stabilizer
CB-64 Raydra Version-Up Set
CB-65 Random Starter 2013 Vol. 1
CB-66 Stream=Drazeros
CB-67 Tune-Up Gear- Scope Magazine
CB-68 Break Ball
CB-69 Version-Up Part- Blast Arm
CB-70 Tune-Up Gear - Body Random Booster Vol. 2
CB-71 Garuburn Version-Up DX Set 2
CB-72 Rising=Dracyan
CB-73 Version-Up Part- Magnum Arm
CB-74 Dracyan Version-Up Set
CB-75 Meteor Bomber Battle Set
CB-76 Assault=Dragren
CB-77 Tune-Up Gear- Dash Stabilizer
CB-78 Gatling=Deathshell
CB-79 Tune-Up Gear- Jet Core
CB-80 Tune-Up Gear- Body Random Booster Vol. 3
CB-81 Random Starter 2013 Vol. 2
CB-82 Triple=Gillusion
CB-83 Garuburn Ultimate DX Set
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Rapid Fire types
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List of B-Daman [Check here before posting a draft!] 3xAVUxe
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