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(RagerBlade's Draft) Break Bomber Battlefield Empty (RagerBlade's Draft) Break Bomber Battlefield

Post by Leone19 on Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:32 pm

Hasbro Break Bomber Battlefield
The Break Bomber Battlefield, renamed after the Break Bomber set that was released in Japan, is a gameplay set. This set was released in he USA on August 1st, 2013.

It includes:
16x B-Da Marbles
4x Ultra B-Da Marbles
1x BD-01 Thunder Dracyan
1x BD-08 Lightning Dravice
2x Wide Magazine Accessories
1x Break Bomber Battlefield
-6x Long wall pieces
-2x Small wall pieces
-8x Gray connecting pieces
-1x Center piece
-20 Yellow B-DaBricks
-5 Red B-DaBricks
2x Online Gameplay Codes

Gameplay: Each player receives 8 B-Da Marbles and 2 Ultra B-Da Marbles. The aim of the game is to shoot 3 out of 5 bombs onto the opponent's side. The first player to do so wins the match.

Advanced Gameplay: The blocks are set randomly. Same rules apply beyond this.

Errors: The box had some mistakes. The marble colors were different on the box. The pieces that connected the battlefield were different as well. These mistakes likely occured due toHasbro using Takara Tomy's set in the pictures on the box instead of their own version. However, this does not affect gameplay.

Conclusion: The Break Bomber is a good set for the starting player, as the battle field included in the set is currently the only one legal for CFBA tournament play. The set also comes with two good B-Daman, plenty marbles, and decent magazines.

(RagerBlade's Draft) Break Bomber Battlefield 3xAVUxe
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