Articles and How to Write One!

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Articles and How to Write One! Empty Articles and How to Write One!

Post by Leone19 on Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:34 pm

Are you thinking of writing articles for our future wiki? Well, DON'T BEFORE READING THIS!

We plan on having a very professional wiki with articles written by our members, for the members. With this guide I am writing, I will give you tips before you post that terrible, or amazing article just to see if its eligible for our future wiki.

First of all, you need to use proper English grammar! We want it to be clean and very easy to read, so practice sentence and paragraph structure! Here's what I like to see; Five to seven sentences in every paragraph. More is fine, but less is a no-no. I also like to see good use of marks like colons, commas, etc. To sum this all up, just use good grammar!

Another good thing to think before posting an article is to ask yourself, is this article informative of its subject? If you just describe what parts looks like, that's not good enough. You should discuss use and other helpful ideas to use those parts for. Make it very informational! Add anything you feel should be there!

Put a prefix saying "(Rough Draft)" or "(Draft)" in the title of the thread. This will tell people that it still needs criticism before its considered a final draft. After many members and admins agree that is in tip top shape, an admin will change the prefix to "[FINAL]".

Be sure to add good quality pictures if possible! Take pictures on a white surface and make sure that te shadow is not very evident. Use a good camera. Don't use a phone camera. If you can't take pictures because you don't have access to a good camera, see if another member could do it! This is a B-Daman forum, surely someone might have that B-Daman and a good camera!

More will most likely be added to this in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

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