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Accele/Thunder Dracyan

Accele Dracyan, dubbed Thunder Dracyan, is a power type B-Daman and the first B-Daman in the Crossfight B-Daman toy line. It uses the core-changing system. The original release date was April 11, 2011 in Japan. It was then released internationally on August 1, 2013.

Accele/Thunder Dracyan is used by Riki Ryagaski in the B-Daman Crossfight anime. It also gets upgraded into Rising Dracyan in the Crossfight B-Daman eS anime.

Head Piece
The head piece is meant to portray a dragon wearing a helmet. It has three horns coming from the top of the head. The eyes are directly below the horns. The stickers used on the horn are silver and near the eyes there are greens stickers. On the Hasbro model, Thunder Dracyan, there are green stickers instead of silver. The head itself is blue on both models.

Arm Pieces
The arm pieces are blue in both models. The stickers on Accele Dracyan are green and make U-shape on the shoulders. On the hands there are also greens stickers that make two lines. There was a massive change when making Thunder Dracyan. Instead of making the U-shape, a Z-shaped sticker that runs on the shoulders was used. The stickers are in green.

All pegs on Thunder Dracyan and Accele Dracyan are red.

Leg Pieces
The legs are basic in design, featuring two feet with armored "toes." The stickers created an arrow design near the feet on both Accele and Thunder Dracyan. Accele Dracyan has Silver stickers and Thunder Dracyan has green stickers. On Accele Dracyan the stickers continue running around the feet. On Thunder Dracyan the stickers end at the front of the feet.

Core: Accele/Thunder
The core is similar on both versions. On Accele Dracyan, it is a dark silver, making it look metallic. On Thunder Dracyan the core is a light gray. It has three holding parts which are red on both models. They form a triangle and there is a rubber strip on the bottom-inside of the core which creates a frontward spin when shooting a b-dama. This makes the shot powerful and gives this core use in power customizations.

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