CFBA Tournament Rules (Ver. 1.3)

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CFBA Tournament Rules (Ver. 1.3) Empty CFBA Tournament Rules (Ver. 1.3)

Post by Leone19 on Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:42 pm

Cross Fight B-Daman Association

Tournament Rules: 1.3

Formats of Tournaments:

For both formats, B-Dama and B-Daman should be checked for any illegal details by hosts.

Standard Format: 6-10 People

•Standard- Round Robin
•One judge per Arena, as many judges and arenas as necessary (up to 10)
•Break Bomber is used
•Only 1 match per battle
•Finals consist of Best 2/3 Matches

Express Format: 11+ People
•Express- Elimination
•One judge per Arena, as many judges and arenas as necessary
•Break Bomber is used
•Only 1 match per battle
•Loser of the battle is “out” of the tournament
•Finals consist of Best 2/3 Matches

•Player does not need to use the same B-Daman during the tournament, but, the finalists need to use the same B-Daman throughout the Best of 3 Battle
•No modifications can be made to the B-Daman figure; weights, homemade B-Dama, homemade accessories, etc.
•No fake (Non Takara Tomy, or Hasbro) B-Daman are allowed. If it is found someone is using a fake B-Daman, they will automatically lose the match they are participating in, and will need to obtain a legal B-Daman. If they do not have one of their own, the host will give them one. If for whatever reason the host does not have any extra B-Daman, the fake B-Daman may be used, but if the user places, the prizes will go to the runner-up.
•Only Crossfight/Crossfire and Cross Fight eS B-Daman are allowed in the tournament.
•Legal modifications are: Tune Up Gear being added to a figure, intended customization (IE Swapping cores, or changing arms, etc.), light coats of paint (That do not affect the performance, in any way),
•Each Player may have as many B-dama as their B-Daman and Tune-up gear can hold. Players may not keep extra B-dama off to the side to be used during the match.
•Each player must keep their B-Daman the designated distance from the center targets/block holder, so there is no unfair advantage
•Reloading in a battle is allowed, but if the judge notices that a player is hoarding B-dama, they can call a time-out and and instruct the player to load the maximum amount of B-dama their B-daman and Tune-up gear can hold.
•Rules for play: General Break Bomber Rulings

•Before making the tournament thread/topic, the host must message a moderator/admin about their idea, etc.
•Entry to the tournament will require a $2.00 fee, and the host is responsible for purchasing prizes for the 3 placing competitors (must be B-Daman related)
•The tournament must take place in a public location, for obvious safety reasons
•A parent/guardian must stay with the competitor at all times, unless the competitor is over 16 years of age

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