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Post by Tri on Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:58 pm

Welcome to the CFBA, or Cross Fight B-Daman Association. Before you begin posting, please read these rules so you will know how to be a good poster.

Hope you have a great time on the forum!


There can only be one thread for a topic, so make sure you use the search function to check if a thread already exists for the topic you wish to discuss. If a topic is posted, and this topic exists already, it will be closed. Also, make sure the thread follows all other rules, and contributes to the forum.

Before replying on a thread, make sure your post is constructive, follows the rules, and contains more than just an image, or one or two words.


The following is not permitted in the CFBA community:

Racist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language
is prohibited.
Political discussion
Religious discussion
Sexual discussion
Discussion of drugs and other illegal activity


There is currently no signature or avatar limit, but we would appreciate it if they were kept small. If your signature or avatar are very large, you may be asked to make it smaller. If you don't, we will have to take it down.


PM's are a useful and easy way to contact other members, to talk privately, etc.
However there are rules to PM's:
Never threaten or make another member feel unsafe while on the site.
Warnings will be given when we recieve reported PM's that break the rules.


The CFBA operates a warning system. For each infraction you will receive a warning on your account, depending on the severity of the infraction.

30-50% is a 24 hour suspension.
60% is a 5-day suspension.
90% is a 30-day suspension.
100% will ban your account from the site permanently.
NOTE: If you were banned, do not make multiple accounts. We will know by your IP address that you are doing this. If you wish to make things right, feel free to contact us.


Finally, respect the Committee members at all times. If you disagree with them, please message them and bring up the problem.


We want to stay in friendly terms with all other B-Daman sites! We all love B-Daman so there is no need to hate on one another.

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